No Texting Please

Times sure have changed. My wife and I took my grandson out to a fairly nice restaurant the other night. It was a hibachi grill. Everyone sat around and talked and watched the chief.

Not really, that is how it would have happened a few years ago. This time my wife and I talked while everyone else at the table played on their phone. I mean everyone.

I don’t even know why the poor chief went to the trouble of doing all the tricks with the knives and spatchlers. Besides Pam and myself, no one else looked up.

When the food was placed on the plates most had to finish their texting before they could even eat.

I suppose I am getting old but whatever happen to talking to the person you are with?

I have a question. When I was in my teens, we went parking. This meant finding a secluded place and fog up some windows. What do they do now? Text someone else and talk about romance.

I agree with Einstein. You will see his comment in the last photo.

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2 Comments on “No Texting Please”

  1. Steve G Says:

    There’s a time for text and a time for tits.

  2. His fear has become reality.

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