My Yesterdays

Maybe it is age or maybe there is something in some of us that simply makes us different. In my family I am the different one.


My wife and kids, even my grandchildren seem to have no interest in yesterday. They only want to know about today and sometimes tomorrow.


My bucket list and my wife’s are to totally different things. My wife’s is more typical. She wants to visit far away places and see new things. I to share many of those same desires. Still, I have a bigger bucket I suppose. I want to stand where Willie Morris stood and wrote. I want to go up the road a piece to see his grave and then by his old home and perhaps by where his grand parents once lived. I want to retrace some of the steps I took as a kid.


I have no interest in reliving the past. Yet I have a burning desire to at least visit it. Maybe I am too sentimental for my own good.


Some people take their past and pack it neatly away. Me, my yesterdays, today and tomorrows are all weaved in the same moment


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. If you think about it and have a second. Remember one from years gone by that was really special to you. Memories are God’s gift. Hold on to them as long as possible.


Write them down then when you grow old and the shadows begin to cross your mind you can read them and remember all over again. They will be like gifts. Just think of the excitement they will bring to you.

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One Comment on “My Yesterdays”

  1. Gail Says:

    Places do hold memories…and visiting them can bring them back in focus…

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