Too Soon For Christmas

Christmas starts a little too early at my house. It actually starts the day after Thanksgiving to be exact. My wife loves Christmas. You might even call her a Christmas Addict.
Typically I have to work the Friday after Thanksgiving. That means I get to miss out on all the decorating. This year I was off so guess how I spent my Friday morning.
If you haven’t guessed, I will tell you. Hand me that, tack this there. Move it to the right. That is too far move it back some the other way. Not that way, the other way. Then there was get that down. Be careful with that.
Yes my friends, for me work is where I belong on black and dark Friday.
The afternoon was spent looking through piles of stomped on items at the mall. To her credit she did take me to a very nice restaurant. I had a bowl of soup and a $15.00 hamburger. I don’t guess any one told this place that it was Black Friday and they needed to reduce their prices.
Saturday night we went to a little town about twenty miles away. It is Canton Mississippi. It is a small little country town. To its credit there have been several movies made there. They call their self the city of lights. I guess the town square of lights simply wouldn’t sound as appealing.
The town happens to be the county seat. That means there is a very old court-house in the center of the town square. Unlike most little sleepy Mississippi towns ever store is filled. This tiny little town has 324 restaurants in it. I looked it up. The people are truly happy and fat. That of course is my kind of place.
Starting on Black Friday night until January the first every year the square turns into a huge Christmas scene.
My photography is almost as bad as my writing, yet I still decided to attach a couple of pics.

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