Miss Eudora Welty and Me

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You may remember that I wrote earlier about my wife getting into Christmas. She loves the season. The tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving. We even made our mini trip to the town of Canton to see the lights already this year.


I don’t get started quiet so early. My Christmas season begins the night I start reading a book named Christmas Stories From Mississippi. My daughter gave me this book twelve years ago this Christmas. I read it every year. I start in early December and try to stretch it out until at least Christmas eve.


It starts with a story written by Eudora Welty and ends with Christmas Revisited written by Willie Morris. Both of these are well-known Mississippi authors. Its packed with stories and essays by other authors from Mississippi not as well known.


To me reading this book is like going to your grandmother’s house on Christmas day and seeing all your aunts and uncles you haven’t seen since last Christmas. With this said, Willie is my favorite and Eudora is like the aunt that keeps telling the kids quiet down and set up straight at the table.


Maybe I am aging but Miss Welty is growing on me. Last night as I read her account of an old black woman going to Natchez to get medicine for her sick grandson I almost found myself glad to see her after a year.


In the past I read her story to get to the next. If you don’t know Eudora Welty she is very well-respected in the literary world. She actually grew up lived and died within twenty-mile of my house. I once read Delta Wedding by her. I didn’t like it.


Miss Welty has received honors from countries all over the world. In France she was treated as if she was one of their own. Go figure. Now we may know why a red neck from Mississippi doesn’t exactly line up with her.


The last story in the book is written by my favorite of all Willie Morris. It is titled Christmas Revisited  When I read the last sentence of this story. It is like saying good-by to your grandparents late Christmas day. Your tired and ready to go home to play with your gifts but still you can’t hardly stand to say good-by. After all it will be another year before everyone gets back together.


Again this is what make this book so great. Unlike life they all will be there next year the same age and exactly how you left them. Maybe the last page makes me sad because I know that my real family as well myself will be a year older.


Maybe I am just a big old sentimental slob.


Anyway I will end with a happy note today. Aunt Eudora and I have seemed to found a neutral ground.

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2 Comments on “Miss Eudora Welty and Me”

  1. I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work. Me, I’ve been terribly non-existent on mine for the most part! 😀

  2. Gail Says:

    Sounds like a good read…and, like family….you pick up where you left off….Merry Christmas Gary

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