Southern Snow Death

I live 10 or 15 miles south of Jackson,MS. If you should look the mighty town of Byram up on the map you would see that it is in the southern area of central MS. I would dare say if Dixie had a geographical heart we most likely would the spot with the X.

I said all this to say it snowed here last night. I understand for most of you a few inches of snow is no big deal. Here it is a event. If they forecast snow here a couple days in advance there will be a run on toilet paper and can soup. Don’t even bother to look for a flash light or batteries.

My mother passed away a week ago and I couldn’t help thinking how she would have loved to seen the snow. You never get to old to enjoy it when you live in the south.

If a tornado warning is announced here and they blow the tornado sirens most people act if they never heard them. A thunder storm means nothing to us.  Hurricane warning means you got a day or so before you have to figure out what you are going to do. Snow flurries, to say the least, all hell brakes loose.

Once when I was a kid it snowed a foot. The whole state shut down for a week. Even the southern part that only got a smidgen.  Odd how you can have no real respect for tornadoes but a inch of snow will make you go crazy. As for I can remember no one here has ever been killed by snow. On the other hand everyone either knows someone or knows someone that knows someone who has been killed by a tornado.

I am reminded of the woman that said she didn’t have a real problem with dying. She just wanted it to be a freak accident or by some strange disease no one had ever heard.

I guess when it is my time let me go by snow death. Then I will always be known as the guy that was killed in the big snow storm of 20??. Just joking. I want to die at 100 in my sleep from old age and boredom.




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6 Comments on “Southern Snow Death”

  1. As a Southerner, I know exactly what you are saying, ha ha!
    On a different note, my condolences on the loss of your mother. I still have mine, but even now I find myself saying things like, “I bet Mama would like fill-in-the-blank. I had heard ya’ll were due some snow and was looking on The Weather Channel last night. Stay warm and safe. You know, I really do think Southerners make the best writers/storytellers.

  2. Says:

    Hey Gary,   Tried to leave a comment on your post, but it said the site has expired. Hope that gets fixed.    I have seen exactly the things you mentioned regarding snow here in the south…it is hilarious…but ….I am also one of those people.  I sympathize with you about your Mother…I lost mine several years ago and eventually could speak about it. I hope you are doing wellThanks,Gail

  3. Says:

    We all here in the “south” do go a little nuts when we think there will be snow… and I am definitely one of those people. So sorry to hear about you losing your Mother…somehow it always feels like they will be here forever but they are not…Thanks,Gail

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