Before you even try to read this I would like to make one single request.

Forget the fact that you like or hate Obama. Also, please forget what you think of the congress or the supreme court. This would be a hard thing for me to do. Simply, because I think they all should be thrown out on their ear and new people put in their place. I understand this will not happen in my life time.

With this said I will get into the meat of the subject.

The only two insurances that I know at the moment the government has full control over is disability social security and medicare. Even the lateral is often ran through large companies.

Now think about this not from the point of not liking or liking some elected official.

I believe you will agree that both disability and medicaid-medicare are screwed ups. Medicare and medicaid are two huge black holes that pay out millions in fraudulent claims. Have you ever heard one policy holder talk about how great it is.

How about this. A insurance company with a do-nut hole. You are trying to decide where to eat dog food or pay for your deductibles when you run out of insurance for the year. I can’t help but wonder what someone 19 year old on welfare would do if they got shorted their November and December checks.

Now, how many people have you ever known that didn’t have to hire a lawyer to get their disability started. At least 75% win at their first hearing. Another words this company if in the public sector would be known a s a bad pay company and would soon be out of business.

To quote Nancy Pelosi, “”We just have to pass it to read it.”

What if Blue Cross said, You just got to pay the premium a few months before we tell you what is covered.

It shouldn’t be refereed to as Obama Care. It should be called Government Care. A lot of people might take a closer look

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