Been a While

It’s been a while since I have been on last. Imagine my followers have moved on to greener blogs. Certainly don’t blame you. The truth is I have been battling cancer for a while. I was diagnosed three times matter of fact. First with stage four tonsil cancer. The second with a inoperable brain tumor and finally with terminal lung cancer. It’s a good thing I don’t believe everything the doctors say.

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5 Comments on “Been a While”

  1. Hello!!!!!!!
    Imagine my delighted surprise when I opened up my mail and here you are!
    So glad you didn’t listen to the doctors! Hope you are much better these days and hoping you’ll be putting out content for us to once more enjoy…welcome back!!☺

    • gary Simmons Says:

      Thank you so much. I do have content. Wrote a book on the experience. I will post first chapter to give you a little taste soon.

  2. Ok, sounds like a plan. Talk with you later☺.

  3. chamblee54 Says:

    I was wondering where you went. I am glad to see that cancer did not finish the job.
    I am still going. I have not missed a day posting in two plus years.
    Here is best wishes for the holidays, and hope that all goes well for you. One exception to this might be next sunday, when the Falcons play the Saints.

  4. Merry Christmas, Gary to you and your family. I hope things are going well with you.

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