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King Of Podunk

September 21, 2013


I have a short story on Kindle for Free today and I think Sunday. King of Podunk

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A Killig In The Delta

May 29, 2013

rg pic
Several things have kept me from writing as late. The main thing I have been working on a new book. Check it out on Amazon and read a few chapters for free. If you like it down load it and tell a few people, If you don’t keep it to yourself. lol

Even if you don’t buy it I would love to know what you think.


February 10, 2012


When I was a kid we didn’t go to movies. We went to the show. Mostly, the Saturday afternoon show. You could take a quarter and get in. With the change, you could buy a bag of popcorn and a fountain drink. Everything was a nickel. The only problem was the movie cost fifteen cents so that meant you had one nickel left after the popcorn and cola.

Another coke and you would spend the next four hours needing to pee. A bag of popcorn and you would be thirsty for the rest of the afternoon. If you ask your mother for another nickel, you would be told you were an ingrate and wouldn’t be allowed to go at all.

If you are wondering what a ingrate is. Ask my mama. I have no idea.

Today to put a child through such mental strain would most likely be considered child abuse.

If you made too much noise, the high school senior dressed in his Sunday suit would flash his light in your face once. The next time he would throw you out the front door. Today that would be bullying.

If you threw something up in the balcony where the blacks set they would throw ice on you. Then the senior would come and throw you out.

If the manager seen you get thrown out too many times he would bar you from coming for a month or so.

If you complained to your parents, they would beat you within an inch of your life. (or so it seemed) Again, child abuse.

If you were lucky, you found a girl who would go with you. Then if you were real lucky,and  she allowed you to kiss her. The senior would shine his flash light on the two of you and hold it there. He would then shout. No smunching in here. Of course the theater would turn and laugh at you.

The girl would jump up as if it wasn’t her idea at all and run out the front lobby. Today that would be sexual harassment.

If you sit through both the double features and the little movie in between and a hundred previews plus the local funeral home ad and was ready to start all over. The senior would come by and shine the light in your face and say really loud, “Boy you don’t live here get your butt up and leave.”

Even with all that it was better than the pecker head that sets in front of you today and answers his stupid cell phone.

You know the idiot that says,”Hello, yeah. I am here watching the movie. I ant’ busy. It sucks anyway. What’s happening with you?

Now if you would like to take your own personal trip down memory lane click the following link.

PG and the N word

February 2, 2012

I often read a blogger by the name of PG. We don’t always see eye to eye. especially concerning religion.

I don’t read PG to agree with him. I read PG because he makes me think. That is the  stuff great blogs are made of. I might add also he  has great pictures.

The following is from his blog. I actually commented on it today. I added mine at the bottom.


Hope you enjoy. By the way if want the hair raised on the back of your neck visit PG at

The good thing about not having a big audience is the freedom to discuss touchy subjects. I can say more or less anything I want, and since very few are reading, there is no problem.
With that in mind, I approach the subject for today’s lesson…the “N- word”. It doesn’t get much touchier. We all know what that word is. It has six letters, rhymes with trigger, and makes the brains of some people turn into jello. It is a derogatory phrase for people of African origin.
I try to avoid using this term. There are four main reasons for this. If I ever get paid for doing this I will come up with a top ten list.
1- The N word hurts people’s feelings. I have known many fine Black people, and my life is much richer as a result. I do not want to say anything that will hurt these people. As for the not so fine Black People that I have known, they are G-d’s children, just like me. My fellow human beings no not deserve to be insulted just for who they are.
2- Being heard saying the N word can cause all sorts of problems. This can include physical retribution, loss of employment, lawsuits, and having to listen to enough loud angry words to make you wish you had never learned how to talk.
3- It is not a fair fight. There is no equivalent phrase for a Black Person to say to a white person. I do not wish to give that power to another group of people… to turn me into a mass of incoherent rage, just for hearing a six letter word.
The closest thing to this is “Cracker”, which I only recently found out was an insult. This is odd, because when I was a boy, we had a minor league baseball team called the Atlanta Crackers.
4- The use of the N word demeans the user. When you say an insulting word about another human being, you make yourself look bad. When you hate someone, you hate yourself worse than the person you hate. And frankly, a lot of these people are not worth it.
This feature was originally posted at my original blog, and copied three years ago. I wrote in first person shamelessly. Pictures are from The Library of Congress 
Since I originally posted this, a Kansas/Kenya man, with dark skin, has been elected President. The playing field is having a fruit basket turnover. No one is really certain what is what anymore, except things are different. Or maybe they are the same. It is 2012.
I would like to further comment on is the reality of black people using the n word. It is a word that degrades the person who uses it. For a person of color, it degrades them as the object, as well as the speaker. I cannot help but wonder why a person would want to do that to them self, their family and their community. I realize that as a white person this is none of my business. Why should I have more respect for a person than he has for himself?
It is like smoking cigarettes. Yes, it is legal, and you have the right to pull toxic chemicals into your body. But why on earth would you want to?

my comment

gary Simmons said, on February 2, 2012 at 12:49 pm

When a black comedian uses the N word everyone laughs. Are they making themselves as well as their friends look stupid? If so why isn’t any one offended by it?

Saying the N word is like cussing. Most of us do it,black and white. The bottom line is it shows our ignorance.

I am amazed when I read a book that the author has to dedicate a few pages of detailed sex acts and a few pages for cussing. It tells me he just has a lousy vocabulary and that is the only way he can get your attention.

Wait, wait, did I just say that is the only way he can get your attention. What is the black comedian trying to do? What is the red neck trying to do? What is the ignorant black man on the corner trying to do?

Listen close to someone who freely throws the N word around. 99% of them also cut loose with a lot of cussing. Like a screaming baby that just wants to draw attention to themselves. Who it offends isn’t important. It is all about them.

This isn’t about race as much as it is about being self-centered and stupid.

You know we have thrown every offensive deed we can think of at race. I say get over it. Stupid people say stupid things. Always have and always will. Racist don’t have stupid cornered.

Thanks for allowing me to rant a little.


November 17, 2011

Bubba’s children all got together and told Bubba, ” no more deer hunting.”

Bubba was extremely disappointed but agreed. See the video below and you decide if the  kids were right or not.


Happy Holidays. Where has this year gone?

There is Nothing New Under The Sun

August 17, 2011

My favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes. I read it on the average of three or four times a year. My favorite verse is Ecc: 1:9

It basically says there is nothing new under the sun.

With that in mind read proverbs 28:2. You soon find out there are no new problems. Just, the same-old ones that have always been around. As a people we sure don’t learn our lessons.

There are many different interruptions of the bible. I think this one describes our situation best.

28:2 When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily. However, wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability.

I’ll not bother to comment.

Here is something not so serious.

FEBURARY 02 2010 will always be one of those days I remember. I wrote a blog that was no more than things you never heard of any more. I received over 7,000 hits off that silly list.

The one thing I forgot to put on there was a typewriter.

My eight-year-old grand daughter came in my office the other day and saw mine. I use it for typing a few words on the back of titles. It is simpler to do that then try to get the computer to do it. Mainly, because the titles come in so many forms and shapes.

She stared at the thing like an alien may have left it here.

“Papaw is this some kind of computer.”

“Yeah, it is kind of a printer you might say.”

She looked again, “It must be wireless. I don’t see any cables running off it, just, a power cord.”

That is when it hit me. The child had never seen a typewriter.

For the next little while she poked typing paper in and experimented on how exactly it worked. She was amazed.

Before you say that isn’t so strange allow me to share this. When she was five, she would go to some kid dot com. Paint a picture and then print it, take it down stairs and use a magnet to attach it to the refrigerator door.

To me that was amazing, to her it was everyday. A typewriter though was some new wonderful invention as for as she was concerned.

Whats that under the cover??????????

July 19, 2011

If you have ever had an old mattress watch this. It wasn’t shown in the US. on TV. Now if your mind spends a lot of time in the gutter you may be offended. Be warned. For me I am still laughing and I am sure I slept on a mattress like this at one point in time. After all most of us get a new refrigerator more often than we get a new mattress.