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King Of Podunk

September 21, 2013


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Bubba Jones Free

July 23, 2013

Fee, free at last. 

Well maybe it isn’t as big of deal as when Dr, King said it but Today through Thursday My book Bubba Jones is free on both Amazon as well as Kindle. Check it out. Sure will not cost you anything and it is a limited time promotion that Amazon allowed me to do.Image


June 23, 2013

According to the old Greek that told this tale, the earth was young and only few walked on it.

On one particular day the gods were bored and had gathered to watch the few humans that treaded the earth.

Two caught there attention. One was a strong and powerful man. He had no fear and often spent hours staring at himself in calm waters. The gods found him most charming. Most likely, because he reminded them so much of their own self-centered selves.

They, then spotted another man on the opposite side of the mountain. He was scrawny and seemed preoccupied watching a colony of ants at work. He most likely had never seen himself in a calm pond of water and had no desire to.

After a couple of more goblets of wine they decide to go down and visit the humans. The carried each man a present which was the custom for the time.

When they reached earth and brought the two men together the older god announced he had brought two gifs.

The first was a fine mule and a sleek new wagon. The second was a small piece of paper and a pencil that was barley long enough to still write.

The old god, winked an stared at the beautiful and powerful man and told him to select first. He as well as his companions was all eying the mule and wagon.

The greedy powerful man saw their concerns and took the mule.

The gods smiled and gave the weaker man the discarded pencil and paper. With that they went back to where they had come.

Sometime later, the gods again met for an afternoon of discussion and wine. The two men came up and they looked over a rail to see the powerful man looking at himself in the pond. Not seeing the mule or wagon they decided to once again come down to earth to see what was happing.

Upon their arrival at the pond they ask the powerful man what had come of his gift. He looked a little sheepish and confessed.

“One day I was at this very watering hole. The mule you gave me was drinking his fill and I was admiring myself just up the stream there.

That silly little man came up with his little pencil and paper and ask me to sit with him. The next thing I know he had figured me right out of my wagon and mule.”

The moral of the story,,,,

Being strong and handsome will last you until you grow old. Being smart will last you a lifetime


January 22, 2013

He opened the door and extended his hand. His shake definitely wasn’t a cold fish nor was it a vice. His grip was impersonal if there is such a thing. His hands felt dry and chalky. They weren’t the hard working or hard playing hands of a young man. These were manicured hands. The nails contained no polish, yet buffed to a high gloss.
“Come in.” His voice showed no sentiment at all. He was, I suppose 35 going on 60. Each word seemed handpicked as needed. Not one was wasted. Each served its purpose. Each syllable conceivably coming from a small daily allocation. This was apparent by how cautious he chose each.
I soon learned he spoke more contentedly with his hands. They appeared to be much more at ease than his constricted tongue. He touched my shoulder nonchalantly .It felt as if a feather had fallen on it.
“This way please.” His hand spoke, guiding me to the closed-door room. When we arrived, again as if deprived of speech he opened both doors and gestured me in the direction of the casket. I could feel his feather like hand on my shoulder. He must have supposed without some coaxing, I might turn and run.
I was now contemplating what my mother was once. I examined her like a cast-off coat placed gently in the closet for its last time. My mother had gone on leaving only this old worn garment behind for us to morn.
I noticed the feather light hand was no longer on my shoulder. I looked around and saw the death merchant now standing quietly in the back of the room. His hands were now hushed each holding tightly to the other.
I chose to look over my shoulder at the merchant since it was less painful than looking down. He stood there with his pale skin and pale gray suite on staring at his own feet with his pale gray eyes. I still knew that by some means he was watching me. Maybe I was a reflection in his highly polished shoes.
Throughout the next hour or so, he was there but never there. I never heard him speak, yet when the time come to move I felt his feather light fingers.
This merchant of death gave me no contentment. This death merchant took none from me.


December 21, 2012

I think it is time we call Christmas, Memas. Lets face the truth. When Old Blue Eyes said I want it my way he was ahead of his time.


Today we both want and demand it our way. When growing up, I made a list of what you wanted for Christmas.


Mama  smiled, We’ll see what Santa thinks.” When you walked out the room she threw the list in the trash and got you what she could afford.


When you looked under the tree you forgot about what you ask for and was over joyed with what you received. Today people ask for money or cards where they can get what they want. They call ahead and let you know what they expect for Christmas dinner.


Can you imagine telling your grandmother what you would and wouldn’t eat.


Now take it to the next step. In our city the mayor decided to call the Christmas parade a mid-winter parade. One atheist said he refused to watch anything that had Christ in it.


I wrote the mayor and said I did liked the name and that I actually paid taxes. He somehow found out that I was a W.A.S.P. and didn’t take my request seriously. In case you don’t know what a wasp is. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.


Then there are governors that say I like the name winter tree better so the rest of you can suck a lemon.


The president the congress and the senate all say me, me, me. Screw all of you tax payers. Don’t bother to tell me one side or the other is right. They are wrong and can’t any of them speak a whole sentence without using me or I.


You can’t get rid of your family but I just can’t understand why we keep reelecting these idiots.


If I don’t write again, have a Merry Christmas. Yes I said it and I mean it. If you don’t like it, don’t except it.


One last thing, are any of you allowing your children to set in the Mid Winter Man’s lap. Even sounds freaky doesn’t it.




Christmas Love Notes

December 18, 2012

I am not much on sharing my personal life on the blog. Today I feel in the Christmas spirit so I will.


Hi Sweetheart, 

I am sorry about getting into an argument about putting up the Holiday lights.  I guess that sometimes I feel like you are pushing me too hard when you want something.  I realize that I was wrong and I am apologizing for being such a hard-headed guy.  All I want is for you to be happy and be able to enjoy the holiday season.  Nothing brightens the holidayspirit like holiday lights!  I took the time to hang the lights for you today; and now I will be off to the hockey rink. 

Again, I am very sorry for the way I acted yesterday.  I’ll be home later. 

Love you 

Her response –

Hi Honey, 
Thank you for that heart-felt apology.  I don’t often get an apology from you, and I truly appreciate it.
  I, too, felt bad about the argument and wanted to apologize.  I realize that I can sometimes be a little pushy.  I will try to respect your feelings from now on.  Thank you for taking the time to hang the holiday lights for me.  It really means a lot.  In the spirit of giving, I washed your truck for you; and now I am off to the mall. 

I love you too! 

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My Yesterdays

November 21, 2012

Maybe it is age or maybe there is something in some of us that simply makes us different. In my family I am the different one.


My wife and kids, even my grandchildren seem to have no interest in yesterday. They only want to know about today and sometimes tomorrow.


My bucket list and my wife’s are to totally different things. My wife’s is more typical. She wants to visit far away places and see new things. I to share many of those same desires. Still, I have a bigger bucket I suppose. I want to stand where Willie Morris stood and wrote. I want to go up the road a piece to see his grave and then by his old home and perhaps by where his grand parents once lived. I want to retrace some of the steps I took as a kid.


I have no interest in reliving the past. Yet I have a burning desire to at least visit it. Maybe I am too sentimental for my own good.


Some people take their past and pack it neatly away. Me, my yesterdays, today and tomorrows are all weaved in the same moment


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. If you think about it and have a second. Remember one from years gone by that was really special to you. Memories are God’s gift. Hold on to them as long as possible.


Write them down then when you grow old and the shadows begin to cross your mind you can read them and remember all over again. They will be like gifts. Just think of the excitement they will bring to you.