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Bubba Jones Free

July 23, 2013

Fee, free at last. 

Well maybe it isn’t as big of deal as when Dr, King said it but Today through Thursday My book Bubba Jones is free on both Amazon as well as Kindle. Check it out. Sure will not cost you anything and it is a limited time promotion that Amazon allowed me to do.Image



June 10, 2013

Just got back from,Hot Springs, Arkansaw. I have lived within six hours of there most of my life and have never visited.  It is one of those strange places that yesterday and today live quietly side by side. In the early 1900’s this was Disney World for some at the most famous gangsters that ever lived. The strange thing was they left their life of crime at the city limits.

They came to Hot Springs to gamble a little go to the tracks and most important of all they went for the hot spring baths.


No, I  didn’t go to any bath houses. I did have the next best thing though. A hot tub outside my bedroom door. This wasn’t  a real vacation. My sister owns three houses on the Lake there and we went to a family reunion. This may have been one of the first trips I have ever taken that I didn’t feel as if I needed a day of rest when I got back to get over my days of rest


A great thing about going to a family reunion with your own house is when you get tired you can go home. lol


An up date on A killing in the Delta. If you read it and saw some grammar errors they are being corrected. This was my first time to work with Kindle and it took a little getting used to. Should look much better by Tuesday or Wednesday. Also adjusted the price downward. I want people to be able to read it and be be comfortable buying a book from an unknown.

A Killig In The Delta

May 29, 2013

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Several things have kept me from writing as late. The main thing I have been working on a new book. Check it out on Amazon and read a few chapters for free. If you like it down load it and tell a few people, If you don’t keep it to yourself. lol

Even if you don’t buy it I would love to know what you think.


September 7, 2011

I went and seen The Help. I very much enjoyed it. I even had some family that played extras in the film. My wife went twice. She went with me and again with some of her friends.

She is from Indiana and saw it a little different than I did. I think everyone walks away with a personal opinion. Maybe it was so great to me because I grew up in Greenwood where most of the movie was filmed. I have lived in Jackson over thirty years where the rest was produced.

The one thing negative I keep hearing about the movie is the humor that was in it. I personally think that was what made it so real. No matter what the circumstances’ most people keep on laughing and loving. That is what makes us human.

I may have noticed something that others didn’t notice. Black or white everyone was placed in a class.
When I was growing up during this time in history, everyone was placed in a class and expected to stay there.

The woman who lived in Madison was financially well off, but she did not come from money. She could never inter act with people that came from old money.

Yes, just like the movie described everyone knew their place and was expected to stay there. The maids bucked the system and without trying freed many other people at the same time.

By the way, this is once that the movie stayed close to the book and was almost as good.