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September 16, 2013

I was lying in bed tonight unable to sleep. I begin to think of worldly things. Jobs, cars book sales and so on. Soon I tired of that and I begin to think of religious things.

               That didn’t take too long. The truth is I am not very religious. Sometimes I wish I were. Many people seem to get a lot of comfort from religion.

               Next, I began to think of spiritual things, first I thought about faith. That was when it came to me. I am short in that area. The Bible says if you just have as much as a mustard seed, you can move mountains. I have never had much luck at moving mountains I must confess.

               Next, I thought about hope. Again bad news. Many times in my life, I either used all mine or simply couldn’t find it. I was getting a little paranoid by this point. I ask myself exactly what did I have.

               That’s when it came to me. I have been blessed repeatedly with grace. When my faith wouldn’t move mountains, His grace did. When I ran out of hope, He poured out some more grace.

               I suppose the truth is I love grace.  It may be a lazy man’s faith for all I know. I am only for sure that I enjoy being in it. I am like a kid playing in the rain.

I even know where Graceland is. Guess what it isn’t outside of Memphis. It is that little area right behind Christ. That is where I go hide when I run out of hope and don’t seem to be able to mustard up any faith.

               If you haven’t you should try it sometimes. It’s like being in a storm shelter. All hell is breaking loose around you. There you are standing in peace that surpasses all understanding.

Tell you the truth my prayer life isn’t even that great. Most of the time it is simply me asking Jesus can I stand in Graceland for a while.

               It’s sort of like taking your big brother to a fight and He is bigger, smarter, braver, and more wonderful than anyone else is there. I am going to bed now. Before I go to sleep, I am going to ask Jesus to rain down some grace one everyone that reads this.


The Cure For Everything

December 21, 2011

After much thought I have decided some where between conception and birth God gives us a small bottomless vial of tonic.  Bottomless because no matter how much we use it never runs out. Small enough in size if we choose never to use it, it want be a burden to carry. This strange concoction is the cure for every ailment we will come in contact during our life. Like most medicines it is bitter and has a fowl odor. Being thick and syrupy makes it stick to the roof of our mouth and coats our throats. Like the remedies of our childhood this one to carries the words, the worse the taste the better the medicine.

Let me share with you the healing powers this strange mixture contains. It has the strength to either retard or completely resolve the following, poverty, sickness, the lack of love, the lack of friends, shortage of faith, depression and worries and this is only a few of the things it cures. This wonder drug is the antidote for all the problems this world and its prince is able to lay at our feet.

Strange as it may seem, it works for Christians as well as none believers. It is true once when one except Christ we also receive another blessing. In the twinkling of an eye the medicine isn’t as nasty as it once was and it becomes much more powerful than before. It now works its wonders even faster. God is just that way you know. He loves us all and doesn’t want any of us to agonize needlessly.

By now, I imagine you are curious about what this wonder drug is. You do not have to search far to find it. It lies there on your heart. This is why it becomes so much more potent when you receive Christ in your life. He rejuvenates your heart and everything on it. I will refer you to Mr. Webster for the specific ingredients. After all if you are at this time in your life a non- believer in all likelihood you want be reading the bible very often. I pray this will not be the case as I send prayers up daily on your behalf concerning this matter.

            give v., gave, given, giving, n. -Vt.. 1. To present voluntarily and without expecting compensation; hand to someone: 3. To place in someone’s care: 4. To grant (permission, opportunity, etc.)

Give in, to acknowledge defeat; yield. To hand in; deliver:

Give over, to put into the care or custody of; transfer. To submit fully

Oh, there are many more definitions to this word but I think this will be ample enough to understand what I am going to explain to you.

Shall we start with poverty? This is one of the most sociable unexceptable things of my times. No one wants to be poor and the ones of us that have been blessed certainly don’t want to associate with our less unfortunate brothers. Now how will giving help a poverty-stricken person you may ask. After all they are hoping and praying that someone will give to them. If you are poor and in this position you are like the man that begs for a fish on the street corner each day and then in turn refuses to fish. The only way a person can ever break this endless cycle is to give his self out of debt. I have never known a person that tithed faithfully that was left needing. I am not saying he had all his hearts desires but I am saying I have never seen this person beg for bread. I challenge you to go to any soup kitchen and ask any one there if they tithe. Go to welfare office and ask if they give 10% of their check each month. You may be thinking that would be a cruel thing to ask these down trodden people. I say it is even crueler to leave them in the clutches of poverty.

What about sickness?  The Bible says let he who is sick call for the elders of the church to pray for him. Is this not a giving of ones self? Is it not saying I can’t do it alone? Is it not expressing the desire to share ones problems with his brother and sisters in Christ? You may say that doesn’t always work. Some people don’t have enough faith to receive and all elders don’t have enough faith to pray. I say if it only works 25% of the time I want to be 25% more healthy than I am now.

What does love and giving have in common? The only way to receive true love is to love someone. If you want your wife to love you more tell her you love her every morning and every night. Give her your love and understanding and soon you will receive much more back that you have ever expected.

Need a friend? Be a friend. Find someone who needs a friend and be there for him or her. Show them kindness and give of yourself freely.

Need more faith? Step out on faith by giving of yourself. You can build faith by being faithful to things. Volunteer to do something in church. Be faithful to come regular. Be faithful to simply read your bible each day. The more you give to God the more faith he will pour out to you. The world has no problem with this. I have seen people that were faithful each night to show up at the bar. Each night they got their just reward. After a number of years of being faithful to the bottle they became an alcoholic. You see faith works, it is up to you how to put it to use.

Are you battling with depression? When was the last time you done something to build up someone else? It is very difficult to stay depressed when you are making someone else happy.

Worries, most of us have them. Still I have never read where we must accept them. The Bible is clear on this matter. Cast them upon the Lord. To cast is the same as to give.

Thank about it what problems have you gotten that a little giving wouldn’t remedy.

People say, “I never have enough time.”

I say. “Get up an hour earlier and give it to the Lord. He will multiply the hour back to you.”

Now, for the bitter side of this message. We often do not receive our healing based on the fact that we detest the application. It doesn’t taste good so we don’t take it. We come up with excuses why it want be effective.

A case in point could be our tithes. I can’t bear it this week I have too much due. I will make it up the following week God will understand. I am going to start giving big time as soon as I get back on my feet. Have you ever noticed these poor souls rarely get back on their feet? The fact is they refuse to give and then they cover it up with array of excuses.

Illness, I would be embarrassed to go down front. I don’t want a bunch of strangers in my house praying for me what would the neighbors think. It doesn’t always work any way and it may not work in my case.

Love, I am not going to tell her I love her. She will think I am demented. She should know. After all I pay the bills and come home every night. We aren’t a newly married couple any more. That sort of thing is for kids.

Friend, He is the wrong race, wrong family, wrong side of town not to mention there is too much difference in our ages.

Faith, I am not a preacher. My faith has never been strong. I wasn’t raised in house of faith. I am what I am. God gives you real faith you don’t have to build it.

Depression, my mother and her mother were depressed. I have had a bad life. Things are just hard for me. Being depressed is normal. I will take a pill and it will be okay in a while.

Worries, if I don’t who will. Look at her over there sleeping like she doesn’t have a problem in the world. You have to be stupid not to worry.

I know who tells me to give. You figure out who tells you to keep. As for as me and my problems. I think I will just give them away.

Jesus is stronger than I will ever be and he says, “Give them to me.”

I say. “Here Lord I lay it all at the foot of your cross and thank you.”