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Three Books

August 30, 2013

Just finished and placed my third book on Amazon. I think I am ready to go back to work full time. I have a feeling boredom is just around the corner.

Get a chance check them out. These are approximate prices. With Amazon, you save several different ways and it depends a little on where you live.

 Read a few chapters at Amazon. If you are interested and want an autographed copy, send me an email with your address. All three will be $30.00 any two will be $25.00 and Bubba Jones or Killing in the Delta will be $15.0 each. Back Porch Dramas are $13.50 each.

This includes shipping anywhere in the good old USA. gartalker@yahoo.comTell me what you would like the autograph page to say. If you live in the area drop me, a line and I will get one to you.



October 15, 2011

FIRST I HAVE COMPILED A LIST ON HOW TO MAKE THE WIFE HAPPY.It’s not difficult to make a woman happy.A man only needs to be:
1. A friend
2. A companion
3. A lover
4. A brother
5. A father
6. A master
7. A chef
8. An electrician
9. A carpenter
10. A plumber
11. A mechanic
12. A decorator
13. A stylist
14. A sexologist
15. A gynecologist
16. A psychologist
17. A pest exterminator
18. A psychiatrist
19. A healer
20. A good listener
21. An organizer
22. A good father
23. Very clean
24. Sympathetic
25. Athletic
26. Warm
27. Attentive
28. Gallant
29. Intelligent
30. Funny
31. Creative
32. Tender
33. Strong
34. Understanding
35. Tolerant
36. Prudent
37. Ambitious
38. Capable
39. Courageous
40. Determined
41. True
42. Dependable
43. Passionate
44. Compassionate

45. Give her compliments regularly
46. Love shopping
47. Be honest
48. Be very rich
49. Not stress her out
50. Not look at other girls
51. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
52. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself
53. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes
54. Never to forget:
arrangements she makes



July 9, 2011

The only person that I know that is truly happy. This side of the grave is an insane person.

Think about it. He is no longer held by the chains of this earth.

His world spins around himself. If he is treated cruel, he really has no understanding of what is happening.

For the biggest part, he only deals with two factors each day.

Pain and pleasure. We say this is driving me crazy. That is taking me out. It may be driving us in that direction.

Still only a small percentage of us takes that final step. Do you really want to swap your misery for happiness?


December 27, 2010

It’s Monday the 27th of December. Christmas is officially over for another twelve months. I would dare say most are glad it is gone. We seem to get so into Christmas that it wears us out.

If there is one thing that is good about getting older it is this. You begin to place what is important on the top of the list. One thing I have placed at the top of mine is taking the time to visit the ghost of past Christmases.

Willey Morris who now himself is a ghost wrote a story about it.

For me it goes like this. At some time during the holidays I find a quiet place and remember all the ones that have left my life. This even includes a few dogs and a cat or two.

I often imagine heaven is like Christmas. I am enjoying a huge family Christmas get together. My grandparents all four setting at a table along with my wife’s parents our child that left this world all to soon. There will be my children and grandchildren. I can imagine even in heaven my wife wiping a spill somewhere and lots of laughing.

I can see Jesus setting on one end of the table laughing harder than anyone. He is teasing someone because they once got so mad at him.

The one being teased is laughing, “Well you had the advantage of knowing what was going to happen next.

I feel sorry for people that simply think this life is the best some big bang has to offer.

I know to them I must sound like a fool. Good thing about being a fool for Jesus you seem to always to be happy.

I know I am leaving myself wide open with that statement so I will close for now.

Hoped you all had a great Christmas. Now stop reading this blog and go back to work.


A Cold Beer on a Front Porch

April 14, 2010

I finished the book The Walk today. I must say it did have a surprise ending. I didn’t guess it and I am good at such things.

I would like to borrow one more quote from the book.

I do not know what lies beyond the horizon, only that the road I walk was meant for me.

Why is it we think we have to know everything? We plan our lives out in detail and then get bent out of shape when our plans go wrong.

I am convinced we were simply placed here to live, praise God and enjoy the moment.

Still I even get caught up in the rat race. No, it isn’t a rat race. That would be an insult to rats. A rat isn’t worried about what he is going to wear or if the bills are paid. I suppose that makes a rat smarter and happier than we are.

If having every thing and having it your way can make you happy then only rich people should be happy.

I use to work at a dealership that set with in a block or two of the ghetto. Every now and then I would drive back there to remind myself that working yourself to death doesn’t buy happiness.

Ten o’clock in the morning there would be people setting on the front porch drinking beer and playing dominoes.

They would be laughing and joking away. Kids would be peacefully playing in the dirt and the smell of ham hocks would be floating out the open windows. No ulcers there.

I would then go back to the dealership and look at all the salespeople standing in the sun with their white shirts and ties on waiting for lunch. They would be all scared to leave because someone else might catch the customer when they were gone.

Their beer would come after a twelve-hour day out in the sun. Most of the time it would be drunk as they tried to figure out how to pay the mortgage that was much more than their budget allowed.

If they were a manager they may have set by a pool that their kids swam in thinking, if I don’t we don’t start selling something I am going to have to let the pool guy go.

You know I often thought then and I still think the guy on the front porch was the one that knew true happiness.

He worked when he could and trusted God for the rest.

It has been years since I have drank a beer but maybe if it was hot and I was setting on the front porch.

Maybe if I had just been dealt a good hand of dominoes.

Maybe if I was watching my kids or grand kids playing contently with something that didn’t take a battery to operate.

Maybe, just maybe if my wife was cooking ham hocks a beer at ten in the morning might taste pretty good.

What do you think?


April 1, 2010

I wrote about having a sucky day a few days ago. I have decided not to have any more of those. It really takes a lot out of a person to have a sucky day.

Then it is the fact that no one other than you seems to care that you are having one. What is the old saying, when you smile the whole world smiles with you? If that is true then the world could give a dip when you frown. So, it should be.

I should never frown. God has blessed me to live in this country. He has given me good health alone with a great family. Now how many sick rich people would trade with me?

I have a job. It might not be a great job. Still how many unemployed people would trade with me. I think you get the idea.

Besides all that I guess, I am too lazy to have too many bad days. Just frowning alone takes so many muscles. You then wind up not feeling good for the most part. On top of that, you spend the day by yourself.

Yes, sucky days suck. I am through with having them. Therefore, the next time you see an idiot walking in the rain, broke, going nowhere with a huge smile on his face. It will most likely be me.

Hope all of you are having a good day. Mine is getting better by the minute.

Oh yeah, I have placed some stuff on Craig list. That should be a story itself. After saying, I wouldn’t split any of it up and please don’t ask. I have had three emails wanting to know how much I would take for one item. You have to love Americans. We never, never take no f

One more email and I just might sale one item.