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Religion and Poltics End The World

September 23, 2013

John McCain, Barack ObamaIf you were a conservative, and somebody asks you what party you are a member of you most likely would say Republican. I say you are being brainwashed.

If you are a conservative, do you see yourself looking and acting like John McCain? He is a granddaddy of the Republican Party. Do you share his opinion that we are the policemen of the world? Do you think one dead GI equals one life of anyone else anywhere in the world? He is always willing to lay your son’s life on the line for his ideals. Therefore, he grits his teeth and says we have to conform to the democrats in the isle. I say hell no we don’t and send your own son to fight, your battles, and leave mine here to fight for America.

Don’t even tell that lie that we have to fight them there or fight them here. To that I say go to hell. I have friends that died way too young in Vietnam based on that same lie. We fought them with one hand tied behind our own GI’s backs and then tucked our tails and ran. Guess what they didn’t follow. In fact, they didn’t give a crap. They just wanted our asses out of their country.

I can hardly stomach President Obama. Even so, I appreciate the fact that he tries to do exactly what he says he is going to do. If he says, I am going to stuff a load of crap down your throat. You best develop a taste for dodo.

The Republicans will say. “Go ahead and eat it. We will win next time. They are the minority wing of the Democratic Party.

Give me a straight shooting democrat over a hypocrite Republican any day.

Two things are going to end this world. Politics and Religion. Before you faint and fall over, I didn’t say spiritual things I said religion.

Ask the average person in Mississippi what denomination they are and they will say Baptist. The funny thing is most don’t agree with 40% of the Baptist teaching. This also goes for the Catholic and all other major religions.

It is simply easier to stand with a group you do not totally agree with than stand-alone. Go figure, you don’t believe in abortion but you back Obama.

I think we have eaten political jello so long that we no longer have a backbone.

Now that I have vented allow me to share with you something free. These short stories will be free Tuesday through Friday. Enjoy


The Puppet President

September 10, 2013


I have not blogged much in a while, been busy writing and getting two books published. Still though I have been watching TV out the corner of my eye,

               For a long time I have been thinking there was something odd about our president. If you have read many of my blogs in the past, you know I have never liked or trusted this stranger that appeared from nowhere.

               Someone may say you just don’t like the man because he is black and you are from the south. You may believe I don’t like him because he is so liberal. You might even say you simply don’ like politicians.

The last point maybe correct, I really don’t like politicians.

Before we go any further, allow me to tell you someone else I dislike very much. Maybe this will put an end to be the black and liberal thing.

               The second worse person in Washington in my opinion is John McCain. He is lily white. In fact, he is whiter than any undertaker I have ever saw. He was a war hero. I personally think he is as crazy as they come.  Maybe he was hit in the head too many times.

               Now we have established I can fairly dislike black as well as white politicians on both sides of the isle.

               Back to the president. I finally figured out why I can’t stand him. He reminds me of Howdy Doody. If you aren’t half-a century-old or more you most likely, have no idea who I am talking about.

Howdy, Doody was a puppet with a kids show back in the 50’s. A puppeteer named Cowboy Bob pulled his strings. out

               The other day as I watched our puppet president I could have sworn I saw a thin black string attached to his mouth reaching upward.

My question is who is pulling the strings. Whomever it is need to check in to an AA meeting. I think he is drunk or on drugs.   

I no longer dislike the president. I now feel sorry for him. After all, who wants their strings pulled by an idiot? Even worse who wants their string pulled by someone or a group that seems determine to bring America to her knees.


November 7, 2012

Since I was a little boy, I have heard that a nuclear bomb could wipe out of all life on this planet. That is all life but the cockroach.

I believe in the next four to ten-year life in the United States is going to evaporate. At least to the sense you will no longer recognize it.

It would be easy to blame all this on Obama. The truth is he doesn’t have that much power. We are a divided country that is involved in wars all over the world. Our economy is on the verge of crashing and grows closer to that each month.

No matter who is in office, there is a grid-lock. Nothing ever gets done except our representatives and few of their friends get richer.

Do you know who are the cock roaches that survive this political nuclear bomb are?

I know a half-dozen. They are blanketed against the most political turmoil.

Here is a profile of this new-age cock roach.

They have jobs. They work when they can find work and then only if it doesn’t interfere with their hunting or other enjoyments.

They normally don’t have a drivers license. Their last wreck or DUI took care of that.

They have the title to their old car or truck. They often got it by working for it or trading something they owned of value. Their modest home is normally rented and paid for in cash each week. Their addresses change two or three times a year.

Some do some don’t, but many commit petty larceny for pocket-money and emergency spending.

They draw no government check nor do they ever pay any taxes.

They have pay as you go phones. They don’t own a computer or even an email address.

They never spend more than they can earn or steal. The utility bill deposit is often in their dog’s name. They don’t register to vote. This means no jury duty. They live on the fringes of society.

Watch this group grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years. This leaves the rich to take care of the poor and the politicians to rob everyone blind. However, this group will survive. They are the new-age cock roaches. The odd thing there are everywhere, and most people don’t even see them.

I Voted Today

November 6, 2012


I am sure some people have died in battle just where we can vote. My hat is off to those people. I have nothing against patriotism.

My granddaddy fought in World War I. My uncle fought in World War II. I was drafted and served between 1969 and 1971. My son-n-law is an Air force guard pilot and has landed in every area of the world that there has been combat for the last six or seven years.

I have yet heard anyone say, “I served my country in order for people to vote.” I think patriotism for the most of us is simply doing what is correct. For me, it was doing what someone else thought was right. I certainly never agreed with the war, still don’t after all these years.

Now, I got that out of my system, I will continue. I have voted every election since turning of age. I have voted with a pencil and a ballot. I have voted on machines where you turned small knobs. I remember voting on a machine once when you were through you pulled a large lever that looked like a slot machine. Like most people I now vote on a computer screen with a Popsicle stick.

Still, throughout all my voting experiences I have only twice voted for someone I thought would do a good job. All the other times I simply voted against someone.

When Ross Perot ran I voted for him because I liked him. I voted for him both times. A wasted vote, you might say. Most likely, still it felt good those two times not to vote for what I considered the least of two evils.

Today I felt these were my choices. Vote for the devil I know or vote for the devil I don’t. It is no one’s business which I voted for.

To me, it would be a slap in the face to all those people who have died that gave me the right to vote. It doesn’t matter that most of them wasn’t even old enough to vote themselves or most likely didn’t care or understood the voting process.

I honor them with my vote because they died doing what they thought was right.

When my children were old enough to vote, I said, ” No votey,no complainy.”

I still say that.


March 10, 2012

My Bucket List for 2012


Obama: Gone!

Borders: Closed!

Congress: Obey it’s own laws

Language: English only

Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare

NO freebies to: Non-Citizens!


The Debates

January 30, 2012

What has and has not been learned in the debates


First, if you are running for president you should not know how to make money. You should happily pay your share of taxes and then add a bunch more to the amount owed. This will prove you regretted making any in the first place.

If you have been married before, it is more important to hear what your ex-wife has to say than what you have to say. If you don’t give up when the media says you should. They will compare you to a cock roach in a microwave.

If your biggest accomplishment in life is that, you have delivered thousands of babies. You are an idiot and shouldn’t even be ask questions. After all what do you know about anything?

If you mention you go to church or believe in Christ then you are some kind of religious zealot. Who needs one of them in the white house? After all God, ask the president what to do every day.

A while back if you were a black man, with a blemished past you got a certain amount of grace. Today if you are a black republican man, you are just a stupid pizza delivery boy that tries to molest all the women in town.

Speaking of women, if you are a republican woman, you need to stay home, stay bare footed and take care of all those kids you have. You are too stupid to try to balance a budget. After all just because you can raise a dozen or so kids does not mean you know anything about a budget.


What no one is saying is this.

1. If elected this is how I will change things.

2. This is how long it will take.            

3. This is how much the plan will cost you the taxpayer.

Finally, no one has said, “If I make it through this blood bath, this is how I plan to beat Obama.”

It may no longer be possible for a republican to win against Obama. The winner of this race will already be beat up and cut up more than Obama could ever do himself.

These idiots have all stood around shutting each other in the head. Most likely the last one standing will turn his weapon to his own temple and pull the trigger.

Obama will then say, “I win by default. I am still alive.”

 Sadly, he will be right.

What a sad day, Obama, standing on a pile of republican corpses while being sworn in.


January 27, 2012