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The Puppet President

September 10, 2013


I have not blogged much in a while, been busy writing and getting two books published. Still though I have been watching TV out the corner of my eye,

               For a long time I have been thinking there was something odd about our president. If you have read many of my blogs in the past, you know I have never liked or trusted this stranger that appeared from nowhere.

               Someone may say you just don’t like the man because he is black and you are from the south. You may believe I don’t like him because he is so liberal. You might even say you simply don’ like politicians.

The last point maybe correct, I really don’t like politicians.

Before we go any further, allow me to tell you someone else I dislike very much. Maybe this will put an end to be the black and liberal thing.

               The second worse person in Washington in my opinion is John McCain. He is lily white. In fact, he is whiter than any undertaker I have ever saw. He was a war hero. I personally think he is as crazy as they come.  Maybe he was hit in the head too many times.

               Now we have established I can fairly dislike black as well as white politicians on both sides of the isle.

               Back to the president. I finally figured out why I can’t stand him. He reminds me of Howdy Doody. If you aren’t half-a century-old or more you most likely, have no idea who I am talking about.

Howdy, Doody was a puppet with a kids show back in the 50’s. A puppeteer named Cowboy Bob pulled his strings. out

               The other day as I watched our puppet president I could have sworn I saw a thin black string attached to his mouth reaching upward.

My question is who is pulling the strings. Whomever it is need to check in to an AA meeting. I think he is drunk or on drugs.   

I no longer dislike the president. I now feel sorry for him. After all, who wants their strings pulled by an idiot? Even worse who wants their string pulled by someone or a group that seems determine to bring America to her knees.