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The Mess

October 7, 2013

Guess what? I have never been to a National park or Washington D.C.  I really don’t care if they never reopen. Take what they are spending on them and tack it on my social security check. Guess what the stock market is always down for a few days then it goes back up. That is how the rich get richer. I could care less about the stock market.

If you are worried the government isn’t going to cure cancer forge it. The congress couldn’t legislate themselves a cure for V.D. Turn it over to the drug companies, they’ll find a cure and make a billion at the same time.

Now for the debt ceiling. When I was 35 I decided I could borrow my way out of debt. I didn’t work. It want work for the country either.

Charity begins at home. Stop sending billions to people that hate us. Stop protecting everybody else’s borders and put the army on ours. First it would boost the local economies through the roof. Second we wouldn’t have to support everyone else’s rejects.

Before we can do any of this though we will all have to be put in cages. We that are living now are too stupid to vote the blood suckers out of office.


I say our children should lock us away now before we total screw it up for them. They will be the ones left with this mess.



December 21, 2012

I think it is time we call Christmas, Memas. Lets face the truth. When Old Blue Eyes said I want it my way he was ahead of his time.


Today we both want and demand it our way. When growing up, I made a list of what you wanted for Christmas.


Mama  smiled, We’ll see what Santa thinks.” When you walked out the room she threw the list in the trash and got you what she could afford.


When you looked under the tree you forgot about what you ask for and was over joyed with what you received. Today people ask for money or cards where they can get what they want. They call ahead and let you know what they expect for Christmas dinner.


Can you imagine telling your grandmother what you would and wouldn’t eat.


Now take it to the next step. In our city the mayor decided to call the Christmas parade a mid-winter parade. One atheist said he refused to watch anything that had Christ in it.


I wrote the mayor and said I did liked the name and that I actually paid taxes. He somehow found out that I was a W.A.S.P. and didn’t take my request seriously. In case you don’t know what a wasp is. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.


Then there are governors that say I like the name winter tree better so the rest of you can suck a lemon.


The president the congress and the senate all say me, me, me. Screw all of you tax payers. Don’t bother to tell me one side or the other is right. They are wrong and can’t any of them speak a whole sentence without using me or I.


You can’t get rid of your family but I just can’t understand why we keep reelecting these idiots.


If I don’t write again, have a Merry Christmas. Yes I said it and I mean it. If you don’t like it, don’t except it.


One last thing, are any of you allowing your children to set in the Mid Winter Man’s lap. Even sounds freaky doesn’t it.





January 19, 2012


Look Who thinks it’s Christmas In August

August 2, 2011

Look out congress just got a extra trillion. They think it is Christmas in August. Here is a picture of some of them celebrating.

This is the equivalent of this family finding out they just got a $100,000.00 increase on their credit card.

Call my boss and tell him I want be in for a while. Ice down a case of beer we’re on our way to Disney World.

Once Upon a Time there was a Jim

March 4, 2010

Once Upon a Time

There was a man named Jim Bunning. Jim loved to play baseball. He played so well he had a career as a professional player. He was so good he made the Baseball Hall of Fame. When it was time to lie the old glove down he decided to move back to his Kentucky home.

That is when it happened. One day Jim woke up bored with life and decided he had a opinion worth sharing and ran for public office.

He started off as city councilman and ended years later as a Republican senator. For the most part Jim didn’t rock any boats. He stayed in line with the party and managed to stay out of the lime light.

In 2009, he found himself unable to raise the millions of dollars it takes to stay in an office that pays only a fraction of what it takes to get the job.

Our man Jim decided to call in the dogs in and go home. The job just wasn’t worth the trouble.

Then one day when ask to vote for a routine bill to extend benefits and jobs to some people that really needed it he ask the question. This question would take him out of the shadows and place him on the front page of ever paper in the country.

The question he ask was simple and to the point. It is ask every day in almost ever household across this nation.

Where are we going to get the money to pay for it?

Before the last words came out of his mouth, he was already seeing the backs of his conservative friends. It is one thing to claim to be a conservative but quite another to ask about the money.

The democrats screamed into the microphones to any one that would listen that a lunatic was loose in Washington.

The talking heads on the six o’clock news announced that Jim hated poor people and thought four lane highways were simply a waste of money. Obama was speechless. He could only shake his head at the mention of Jim Bunning.

Yes, Jim had done something no one else could do. He had brought all Washington in agreement that they had to get this bill passed and passed fast. What would happen if someone else drank the cool-aid and ask where the money was coming from to pay for something.

Senator Bunning, I only wished you lived in my state. You are a great American and a man that actually acts, as he if he understands.

Some day when my kids and grand kids start to pay back all this borrowed money they will ask why didn’t ya’ll listen to Jim Bunning.

That is of course if they aren’t slaves to China by them.