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King Of Podunk

September 21, 2013


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Lizzy VI

February 19, 2009

The next morning a good hour before daylight Robert Gentry was up and had his horse saddled with a burlap sack of apples tied to the saddle horn. When he made it to Jesse’s cabin right at daybreak he was met with the smell of breakfast drifting from the cabin window.

This caused a sense of urgency to cross his mind and he stirrup the horse for the next few hundred yards. After loosely tying his ride outside, he made his way into the cabin not finding the young girl he had left a few months earlier, but a young beautiful woman standing in front of the stove. He remembered seeing a picture of Lamb Chop when she first came to the Delta. Jesse could have passed for her sister the way she held herself.

Robert Gentry stood as if he was in a trance. Without ever looking around Jesse spoke, “Set them apples down and go wash your hands there Mr. Thornhill, your breakfast will be ready shortly.”

The way the words played on his ear left no doubt that the Mr. Thornhill was meant to poke fun and not as any special respect. Robert Gentry would have not ever wanted it any other way.

“Yes Ma’am” and made his way to the back porch where there set a pitcher and a bowl for washing.

Upon his return he caught the young girl gently by the arm and spun her around and asked, “Well, Miss Jesse have you done got too grown up to give me a hug?”

She smiled, “Whatever you want Mr. Thornhill a hot breakfast, or a warm hug.” His answer was both and with that, he was met with open arms. He never said anything but he suddenly realized that Jesse somewhere in the last year had become a woman. A woman with breast and a full body.

After breakfast the dishes were put up, the two went for a long lazy boat ride deep into the swamp. On the way back they stopped at Lamb Chop’s grave and Jesse laid flowers on the grave as Robert straighten the cross up and picked up a little around it.

He was startled that an animal had spent the night right next to mound. He could see were a very big Bob cat had made a bed the night before.

When he mentioned this to Jesse she laughed and said that Bobcat had been her. In a very matter of fact way, she explained that some times when she was lonely she would come out and sleep next to her mother. It seemed a normal thing to her and Robert Gentry choose to keep his thought on the matter to himself.

They made their way back to the cabin around lunch. There Robert Gentry pulled some
Sandwiches out of his saddlebags that the cook at Maria had made early that morning for him. Between the long boat ride and little sleep, the night before Robert felt his eyes growing heavy. Jesse seeing her guest in such a contention went in, brought out a pallet, and laid it on the cool side of the front porch.

She insisted that Robert Gentry rest. She told him that was one reason why she wanted him to come see her was because she was sure he had been working too hard.

“Whats the other reason?” He silently hoped it was because she had missed him.

“I have just had the worst craving for some green apple pie. Now lay down on the pallet and shut your eyes and your mouth.” Robert smiled from ear to ear, did what he was told and soon he was in a deep sleep.

The young man was brought out of his deep sleep by the ever-familiar smell of green apple pie. As he began to stir, he noticed that Jesse was now standing over him with a very warm smile.

She spoke in a very husky, yet sexy voice, “Hi Robert I thought you were going to sleep the whole afternoon away.” As he wiped the sleep from his eyes he asked what time, it was. Then he realized what a silly question that had been. There were no clocks in the swamp.

Jesse told him that most of the afternoon sun was gone and that night wasn’t too far from coming. Robert calculated that it must had been somewhere around seven o’clock.

” why you let me sleep so long.”

Again, with a sexy smile she said, “I just wanted you good and rested up before you ate the pie that’s all.”

Robert was up and shaking what was left of his sleep from his body. He made his way into the house where supper was sitting on the table. All of his favorite swamp food. Fried cat fish, poke salad and an array of delicious things that grew wild in the swamp.

One of his favorites was mushroom’s that grew no where else except in this area. Lamb Chop had made and stored gallons of muscadine wine in the swamp during her lifetime. This was her gift to the children that would follow her. With a delicious meal and a wonderful wine to wash, it down with Robert ate as if he was in a fine restaurant in New Orleans.

Afterwards they sat on the front porch and talked until way past dark. Robert then decided, that maybe he would find out what this trip had been made for.

Jesse disappeared into the cabin and returned with two huge slices of pie and two boiling hot cups of coffee.

Robert ate his pie. “The pie tastes a little different some how. It’s fine though. Just a little different. I can’t quiet put my finger on it.”

“Maybe the apples aren’t as sour as they normally are.”

“No it’s delicious enough and the apples are plenty sour.”

Robert stood, “Let’s take a walk and then I got to head home.”

“Sounds good to me.” They left the porch and walked down to the water’s edge. Jesse looked up at the star filled sky; “It’ll be raining soon. ”

Robert looked up and smiled, “Jesse there isn’t a cloud in the sky.”

“You don’t need to be out in a stormy night.” She took his hand and led him down the path. Again, it came to Robert that Jesse was no longer a child but a young woman. As he looked at her in the star lit sky he was moved by how truly beautiful she had become. When they got back to the porch Jesse turned from the first step and was now face to face with Robert.

Without a word being said she put her arms around him and kissed him very passionately on the lips. Robert seemed to have lost control of him and found himself kissing her back enjoying the feel of a woman in his arms. There was a huge clap of thunder.

Robert Gentry’s horse tried to break away from the tree he was tied to.

Jesse whispered in his ear, “Take his bridle and saddle off and let him go, he’s scared.
He’ll come back later when the storm has passes.”

Again, without question Robert Gentry did what he was told and then joined the young woman in the cabin. There in the middle of a summer storm filled with thunder and lightning they lost their virginity to each other, and a bond that had been promised to Lamb Chop was now sealed for eternity. The two made love and held each other all night and into the day light hours of the next day.

At lunch the next day, Robert Gentry saddled up his horse and headed for Maria. Jesse was fertile, as had been her mother Lamb Chop and nine months later Lizzy was born on a cold and rainy winter night.

From that hot summer night, until the next one was a year filled with curses,blessings hurts and kisses. Robert Gentry became a father that year and lost his own mother. He brought his first crop in alone, yet he wasn’t able to share his accomplishment with his father. During all this, Robert Gentry and Jesse stayed very close. They were now, as Lamb Chop would have said, a secret tie that could not be broken.

The second year of Lizzy’s life Robert took a wife. The time had come; Maria was in need of a woman. On a plantation such as Maria, a man may be the brain, but only a woman could fill in the gap as a heart. This union seemed to have little effect on Jesse.

She felt what she and Robert had would last throughout the generations. She even seemed to be happy for him when she found out that his new wife had conceived on their honeymoon. Just months before she delivered, Lizzy turned three.

His new wife knew nothing of his relationship with Jesse other than they had been close since childhood and that she had inherited the swamp from her mother who had been deeded it by Robert Gentry’s father. Just as important she didn’t seem to want to know a lot about this little strange black woman and her child that lived in the swamp never coming out to socialize or attend church.

Robert Gentry never forgot his vow to Lamb Chop or his seal to Jesse and kept a close eye on both of them, making sure that they never went without anything they may want or need.

Robert’s child by his wife was named Maria in protest of her mother. Robert Gentry asked little of his new wife and was generous and kind to her. Her main concern was that Maria just wasn’t a proper name for a young girl with good breeding. Yet there wasn’t much about Robert that was proper or the way he ran his farm.

She finally reasoned that was exactly what attracted her so much to this handsome and generous, yet stubborn southern gentleman. People may have had their disagreements whether he was generous or handsome, but every one that ever met him agreed he was a gentleman. He was the proudest of this one trait.

Lizzy, like her mother before her, grew up in the swamp nursery. Her companions had been the rabbits and raccoons and an occasional snake. She didn’t know that Robert Gentry was her father. Her mother had made that decision before she was ever born. On his very frequent visits, he was referred to as Uncle Robert. He was the only man in her life and she adored him. When she was eight she found out that her, Uncle Robert had a little girl of his own.

One day on a visit, there she asked if she could go home with him one day and play with his little girl.

Before he could answer, Jesse injected a very sharp, “No!”

Like any child her age she wanted to know why not and was told, “Because I said so that is why” replied Jesse. That ended the subject for Lizzy and she never brought it up again.

Maria on the other hand never listened to the word no. She pretended that it didn’t even exist. When she was five she was as big as any eight-year-old in the area was.
At nine, she could easily pass for an immature twelve-year old. That is why it wasn’t surprising. When Lizzy first met her in the berry patch that, she thought they were the same age.

Normally young white children shied away from black children that they didn’t know. Maria on the other hand had no fear of Satan himself. Therefore, it was no surprise when the two girls met that Lizzy was just a little shyer about speaking than Maria.

Whatever shyness Lizzy had was lost in minutes to that what you get is what you see Maria. They were talking away. Lizzy had only two true friends in the world. This little bold white girl would be one and the other was a little black boy that lived farther down the swamp by the name of Little Gaiter. He was named after his father who was called Gaiter.

In the days to come Maria would meet Gaiter and soon a strange bond would be made between a little rich white girl and two very poor, as the world sees it, black children. As they grew their paths would often take each in his or her own direction but destiny would again pull them back to their roots.

That day two half sisters met and became closer than any two whole sisters could ever dream of accomplishing. They would carry forward into the next generation what was started by their grandparents. A true bond knows neither time nor any generation.

You have just read the story of Lizzy’s roots. A tree planted in fertile ground will grow strong and live a goodly amount of time. This would prove the same for Lizzy. Her days would be long and her love for Maria and Gaiter would prevail through both good and bad times. The secrets that had been passed down from countless generations would also stay strong in this woman’s life.

There is much more written about Lizzy but maybe the most important thing you as a reader need to know is when Lizzy died her words lived on through the generations that were yet to come.

maybe more another time.