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The Mess

October 7, 2013

Guess what? I have never been to a National park or Washington D.C.  I really don’t care if they never reopen. Take what they are spending on them and tack it on my social security check. Guess what the stock market is always down for a few days then it goes back up. That is how the rich get richer. I could care less about the stock market.

If you are worried the government isn’t going to cure cancer forge it. The congress couldn’t legislate themselves a cure for V.D. Turn it over to the drug companies, they’ll find a cure and make a billion at the same time.

Now for the debt ceiling. When I was 35 I decided I could borrow my way out of debt. I didn’t work. It want work for the country either.

Charity begins at home. Stop sending billions to people that hate us. Stop protecting everybody else’s borders and put the army on ours. First it would boost the local economies through the roof. Second we wouldn’t have to support everyone else’s rejects.

Before we can do any of this though we will all have to be put in cages. We that are living now are too stupid to vote the blood suckers out of office.


I say our children should lock us away now before we total screw it up for them. They will be the ones left with this mess.



April 8, 2011

I have been reading about what will happen if the government shuts down.

First, Obama seems to think it will the a distraction to pay the military. This pisses me off. No other way of saying it.

There is going to be a third grade class that will have to put off a field trip to the capital. They are young and the capital will still be their next month.

A couple from Australia says they are going to have to change their vacation plans because the national parks want be open. Sorry go to one in your own country.

Jessie Jackson said something so stupid that I didn’t even pay it any attention. Course I never pay him any attention.

Then there is guy that waited to last-minute to file his income tax and then did it on paper. In stead of waiting six weeks for his money he may have to wait seven. Poor baby.

As for as I am concern pass a law to pay the military and shut the lights off. Every day they are closed is another day they can’t start a new debt.

By the way don’t worry about the 750,000 that get furloughed. They get a paid vacation out of the deal.

Again I say turn the lights off and go home. Who knows Obama might not be able to start a new war during that time.