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Religion and Poltics End The World

September 23, 2013

John McCain, Barack ObamaIf you were a conservative, and somebody asks you what party you are a member of you most likely would say Republican. I say you are being brainwashed.

If you are a conservative, do you see yourself looking and acting like John McCain? He is a granddaddy of the Republican Party. Do you share his opinion that we are the policemen of the world? Do you think one dead GI equals one life of anyone else anywhere in the world? He is always willing to lay your son’s life on the line for his ideals. Therefore, he grits his teeth and says we have to conform to the democrats in the isle. I say hell no we don’t and send your own son to fight, your battles, and leave mine here to fight for America.

Don’t even tell that lie that we have to fight them there or fight them here. To that I say go to hell. I have friends that died way too young in Vietnam based on that same lie. We fought them with one hand tied behind our own GI’s backs and then tucked our tails and ran. Guess what they didn’t follow. In fact, they didn’t give a crap. They just wanted our asses out of their country.

I can hardly stomach President Obama. Even so, I appreciate the fact that he tries to do exactly what he says he is going to do. If he says, I am going to stuff a load of crap down your throat. You best develop a taste for dodo.

The Republicans will say. “Go ahead and eat it. We will win next time. They are the minority wing of the Democratic Party.

Give me a straight shooting democrat over a hypocrite Republican any day.

Two things are going to end this world. Politics and Religion. Before you faint and fall over, I didn’t say spiritual things I said religion.

Ask the average person in Mississippi what denomination they are and they will say Baptist. The funny thing is most don’t agree with 40% of the Baptist teaching. This also goes for the Catholic and all other major religions.

It is simply easier to stand with a group you do not totally agree with than stand-alone. Go figure, you don’t believe in abortion but you back Obama.

I think we have eaten political jello so long that we no longer have a backbone.

Now that I have vented allow me to share with you something free. These short stories will be free Tuesday through Friday. Enjoy



January 22, 2011

Please help me out. I am very serious as I write this today. There is no humor meant in any thing I say.

Has the world gone crazy? Has someone came up with yet another new math that proves everything we have ever been taught to be wrong.

If you watch the most liberal news out there they even admit that gas is up at least fifty-cents per gallon more than last year.

I can personally think of three close friends that are out of job that have never been unemployed in their life.

I am in sales and I can promise you that it has been a long dry spell.

I just read where housing is at the lowest it has been in the last fifty years.

There are several states including California that are on the brink of going belly up. Even the liberal media admits that China is going to pass us in the coming years as for as economies. In fact you almost get the idea that they are proud of the fact.

The news is full of facts about how the car business is bouncing back. The truth is most dealers are still running fifty percent behind where they were four years ago.

Now with all that said I saw the following on Drudge.
Facing $1.6B shortfall, San Fran pays employees $170 million in bonuses…

I could care less if this a financial good move or not. I don’t live in San Francisco. My question is a simple one. How can you be going broke and be in a state that is going broke and still give out raises.

The Federal government keeps on giving billions to other countries each day. It is only a matter of time before the states get in line.

Next, will be counties and cities. They are all going broke at an alarming rate.

Banks aren’t above any of this either. There have been huge banks go out of business. Today it is nothing unusual to hear that another medium size bank has been taken over by the government.

I can’t see how this mess can possibly be straightened out without huge cuts. This means more unemployment. Fewer people paying taxes and more inline drawing unemployment.

What happens to all those people who have been depending on these cut benefits to survive? What about all these little countries around the world that we support?
What happens to the two wars we are fighting. These men and women have to work somewhere. How about all the people who are building guns and bullets, bombs and so forth.

They will be on the unemployment line.

I live in the state capitol of Mississippi. Every other person here either works for the government or a hospital. If not they support one or the other.

Now I want drag this on any longer. I do have one more question though. With all out hell on the verge of breaking out how can the stock market keep climbing. Where is all that retirement money at. The stock market of course.

Am I just being negative here? If so please drop me a line and shine some light on my dull mind.